DustBuster+ LT

Interactive Film Cleaning and Image Repair

The DustBuster+ LT is a software for interactive and manual film cleaning and repair. The powerful retouching tools with the Click&Fix technology allow fast and efficient manual image repair. The LT version has limited functions compared to the full DustBuster+ version.
Please note that the DIAMANT-Film Annotator is fully integrated in the DustBuster+ LT version which allows you to prepare, estimate and document all restoration steps.
Please see the feature comparison for further details.


There are two versions of DustBuster+ available:

Full version for Windows & MAC

The full unlimited DustBuster+ is available in version 4.5 and can be shipped within 24 hours! Contact

DEMO version for Windows & MAC

The demo version of DustBuster+ provides full functionality, but it is not possible to save any retouched images back to disk. However the tool is still useful as a powerful play/re-play tool for moving images in professional environment. It is free of charge and can be downloaded from our website.

Download DustBuster+ V12

New version
28. Jul. 2020


Mac OS X

Download Annotator

About HS-ART

Our DIAMANT-Film Restoration software and DustBuster+ retouching application have become one of the leading high end film restoration solutions on the market.
We are happy to help you integrating restoration services into your workflow or consult you in building up a complete workflow from film scanning via restoration to printing and archiving.

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