Diamant-Film Restoration

Diamant RestorationThe DIAMANT-Film Restoration Software is a professional solution for automatic, semi-automatic and interactive film restoration, cleaning and repair. Since 2001 DIAMANT-FILM Restoration is being used successfully in film archives, post-houses, studios and laboratories around the world. With DIAMANT-Film Restoration you can handle almost any kind of film defects. DIAMANT-Film is being constantly evolving! So check out new versions.


Diamant Restoration DustBuster+ is cutting edge software for interactive digital film cleaning and restoration. The fully automatic filters help you eliminate dust and dirt with very little effort. The efficient and easy to use tools allow quick fixing of any kind of single image defects using our click & fix technology.

  1. Import Media
  2. ProjectManager
  3. RestorationManager+ Intro
  4. Automatic Dust Removal
  5. Clone Tool
  6. Tracking & Stabilization
  7. IR Cleaner (Infrared Channel Matte Cleaning)
  8. Fix Titles with DWarp & Tracking
  9. DWarp scene using tracking
  10. Static Hair Removal with ExInpaint
  11. Export Media
  12. Using automatic Diamant-Film Restoration tools by Andreas Hartung
  13. STAIN Removal
  14. Comming soon ....

Import Media: This tutorial shows how to import videos and image sequences into DIAMANT-Film Restoration
ProjectManager: This tutorial describes the basics of the ProjectManager from DIAMANT-Film Restoration.
RestorationManager+ Intro: This tutorial describes the basics of the RestorationManager+ from DIAMANT-Film Restoration.
Automatic Dust Removal: This tutorial shows the automatic dust removal with DIAMANT-Film Resotration Software
Clone Tool: This tutorial shows how to use the clone tool in the DIAMANT-Film Restoration for interactive restoration.
Tracking & Stabilization: This tutorial shows how the new point tracking feature from DIAMANT-Film Restoration can be used to perform interactive stabilization of film and video.
IR Cleaner (Infrared Channel Matte Cleaning): This video shows how to use the infrared information from the film scanner in automatic film restoration / cleaning in the DIAMANT-Film Restoration Software
Fix Titles with DWarp & Tracking: This video tutorial shows how to fix warped film titles with the DIAMANT-Film Restoration V10 software.
DWarp scene using tracking: This video tutorial shows how to de-warp a scene using tracking in DIAMANT-Film Restoration V10
Static Hair Removal with ExInpaint: This video tutorial shows how to use ExInpaint filter to remove a static hair / gate hair or camera hair.
Export Media: This tutorial shows how to export the restored media to the final destination or format.
Using automatic Diamant-Film Restoration tools by Andreas Hartung: Andreas Hartung is showing how he is using the DIAMANT-Film Resotoration software to restore an old B&W movie.
STAIN removal:This tutorial shows how to use the new STAIN filter from V10.5 to fix color stains.

About HS-ART

Our DIAMANT-Film Restoration software and DustBuster+ retouching application have become one of the leading high end film restoration solutions on the market.
We are happy to help you integrating restoration services into your workflow or consult you in building up a complete workflow from film scanning via restoration to printing and archiving.

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