DIAMANT-Film Restoration Software

If you are looking for tools for dust-busting, de-flickering, stabilization or fixing other kinds of film defects, DIAMANT-Film Restoration gives you the right solution from fully automatic, semi-automatic restoration up to interactive manual retouching of your film material. The well proven and easy-to-use interface and restoration filters offer you a perfect solution to optimize the workflow in the digital restoration process. DIAMANT-Film Restoration is being used successfully since 2001 in film archives, post production houses, studios and laboratories from over 150 clients worldwide. 
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We do have several editions of our restoration solution to best serve your needs.


Semi-automatic dust busting tool for Windows 11/10 64bit and Mac OS-X including automatic filters and function for efficient interactive and automatic dust-busting. The tool provides one operator with an optimized environment for immediate repair and fixes.
Tools: Dust, Interpolate (frame repair), SpliceRepair, Clone, InPaint (spatial interpolation), ExInPaint (auto heal), Repair, Paint, ColorBalance, HistoryBrush, Blur, Sharpen
Filters: Dust, ExInPaint (camera hair removal), Primary Color Correction, Transform, DeadPixel, History, NoiseTV, Paint, StabROI, Invert
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A version for interactive retouching only is available also. Learn more about DustBuster+ LT

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Includes all featurs of DustBuster+.
Additionally offers the MovieManager for project management, multiple generations, proxy support and project sharing between several stations.
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Includes all features from the other editions.
Digital film restoration software for dual processor workstation on Windows 8/7 64bit.
Full featured software package including tools for dust-busting, scratch removal, de-noise, de-graining, de-flickering, image stabilisation, de-warping, re-graining, color registration and many more (~30 filters).
Supports 64 bit, multi GPU, batch rendering and optional a render farm.
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DIAMANT-Video Restoration

In the past years we have integrated quite a lot of filters and tools in DIAMANT-Film Restoration which are important to also fix video related issues. So the standard DIAMANT-Film Restoratin SUITE contains already a lot of video related filters & tools.
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DIAMANT-Film Colorizer

The DIAMANT-Film COLORIZER is our first commercial solution for efficient coloring black&white film and video.
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End User License Agreement (EULA)

Please read the end user license agreement (EULA) before ordering.

About HS-ART

Our DIAMANT-Film Restoration software and DustBuster+ retouching application have become one of the leading high end film restoration solutions on the market.
We are happy to help you integrating restoration services into your workflow or consult you in building up a complete workflow from film scanning via restoration to printing and archiving.

Tel: +43 316 915 998-0 email: office(a)hs-art.com

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