AVEROS - Automatic Media Restoration

Media enhancement and restoration is currently an intensive manual process. AVEROS envisions a robust and efficient restoration system, designed as a flexible white-label service. Public and in-house media cloud based services can brand the AVEROS offering and combine it with existing media services to ensure the fastest market take-up and to create a high value offering for specific end-user groups.
The goal of AVEROS is to create an easily accessible, automated, scalable and fast video restoration and enhancement service operable by non-expert users.


DAVID - Digital AV Media Damage Prevention and Repair

DAVID will research how to structure, store, monitor, repair and improve digital audiovisual content in a way that balances long-term costs, risks of loss, and content quality.
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The aim of RestoreNet is to create a collaborative environment for digital film restoration.


PRESTOSPACE is an integrated project in the European IST FP6 programme. Under the leadership of major European content holders preservation- and restoration-technologies are further developed.
The role of HS-ART is in the integration of DIAMANT-Film Restoration with other tools and expansion into an open and flexible platform for restoration algorithms. For this reason we have provided the research partners with DIAMANT-Film Restoration support licenses. Read more ...

vdQA : Video Quality Analysis

Automatic and efficient quality analysis of audiovisual content has become a crucial step before storing the material for later use. While most approaches in this area are only dealing with low level signal analysis, the goal of this project is to go far beyond state-of-the-art procedures. On the basis of novel as well as proven computer vision methods, we will attempt to incorporate high level knowledge in the analysis step, thus achieving significant better and faster results than current methods, comparable in their reliability with a human operator. Read more ...


From 1993 onward, it has been our goal to develop a system for digital film restoration. The DIAMANT project allowed us  to reach this goal and lead into the DIAMANT-Film Restoration Software in 2001.


About HS-ART

Our DIAMANT-Film Restoration software and DustBuster+ retouching application have become one of the leading high end film restoration solutions on the market.
We are happy to help you integrating restoration services into your workflow or consult you in building up a complete workflow from film scanning via restoration to printing and archiving.

Tel: +43 316 915 998-0 email: office(a)hs-art.com

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