Motivated by some customer requests, we are implementing a new and revolutionary environment for coloring b/w movies.

The DIAMANT-Film COLORIZER is based on a series of new innovations including

  • AI based color transfer from given sample color images to a b/w image
  • AI based methods for segmenting objects interactively to allow interactive colorisation of objects or part of the image. The new segmentation methods work hand in had with traditional ROI tools (brush, polygon, ...)
  • Object oriented gradient maps organized in a tree hierarchy to define colors
    • The creation of gradient maps is based on sample images, screen shots or can be defined interactively in the gui
    • This allows full detailed colorisation of an object based on historic colors
  • AI based color transfer from a reference color image to the other images in a scene
    • Accurate and color consistent colorization of a full sequence
    • Allows to color new appearing objects in a scene conveniently
  • A Colorize Tool to interactively color parts of the image using the object based gradient maps and a brush

The COLORIZER shall become the first commercial available solution for efficient coloring film and video. The COLORIZER will be available as an ADD-ON option to our DIAMANT-Film Suite or as stand alone product. Right now it is not available as a product yet, but we are starting with beta testing. If you are interested in the Colorizer and want to become an early tester of the software please contact us.

If you want to see the COLORIZER in action please visit us at IBC 2022 in Amsterdam. Booth 7.D41

Colorizer: Images by Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you are interested in a test-installation.

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