The RTS program archive is a significant and expansive collection in the South European region, comprising a crucial part of global cultural heritage.
This story is about our practical experience with the DIAMANT-Film Restoration Software in the repair of some challenging examples of the RTS archive, explicitly focusing on restoring interlaced D1 PAL formats.

General problems of D1 PAL formats

Anyone familiar with film restoration will understand that restoring PAL interlaced material is a big challenge. The working resolution is 720*576, and each frame is divided into two half-images of 720*288 dimensions. So we have 90,000 frames per hour resp. 180,000 half images.
In practice, we encounter many different and, in most cases, combined damages, which, after analyzing the material, must be treated according to priorities. For non-existent frames and image damage, we often used Adobe AfterEffects and PhotoShop to get the desired results with the help of 2D and 3D animation. We used Davinci Resolve for manual correction of line-drops, frame-drop errors, and advanced noise-reduction algorithms when upscaling from PAL to full HD format.

Usage of Diamant-Film

We have selected various examples having typical D1 PAL defects such as:

  • Excessive Tape Noise
  • Tape Dropouts
  • Tape Banding
  • Flickering, Scratches, and Dirt
  • Scratched Tape

The most interesting is one example of a damaged film from 1983. The quad tape on which the material was located was itself damaged from age and degradation of the magnetic recording and physical damage. This example has gone under excessive treatment of the Diamant-Film Suite including nine levels of rendering, but could retain details that are only a few pixels in size.
Specifically, the LineDropout filter turned out to be multifunctional due to its possibility of fine-tuning all its options, which can be applied to several layers simultaneously.

Through its algorithms, Diamant-Film enabled us to apply most of the developed processes to specific outdated formats to restore them, upscale them to higher resolutions (FullHD, 2K) and give new life to masterpieces.

Head of the Restoration and digitization department
Milos Jez

About HS-ART

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