We planned to show a preview of our upcoming DIAMANT-Film SUITE V13 with a series of innovations at this years IBC. But as you know, the show has been canceled.

With our partner Cube-Tec we will present on the 10th September at 15:30 (GMT+2) as a virtual IBC in an online session "The EDFIRE Project - from film scan to DIAMANT restoration". This session is about metadata-driven motion picture restoration. We will show how automation is done intelligently. Reserve a virtual chair in the first row! Simply register now by replying to this This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tom will help you to get access to the session.

What's going to be new in the upcoming DIAMANT-Film&Video Restoration V13

We have used the last months to work on our next major DIAMANT-Film Restoration version V13 and some innovations are already included in V12.1 which will be released in September 2020. V13 will be released in January 2021.

  • Highlights
    • Integration of DeepRestore, our AI model renderer
    • AI training sample generator to improve AI model with real world restoration projects
    • New editing functionality
    • New render and export queues

Apocalypse Now Still Caption: Credits to Francis Ford Coppola and cinematographer Vittorio Storaro

Please find the most important innovations for V12.1 and upcoming V13 here:

  • RestorationManager+
    • New EditingTrack
      The editing track allows simple editing in the RM+ using additional sources.
    • New DisplayTrack
      A display filter can be placed like any other filter but is affecting only the display. This allows to have for example a LUT filter per shot.
    • New LookTransfer filters (V12.1)
      This filter allows to transfer the look from another clip to sequence. This can be used if you have two copies of a film to make them match.
    • Annotation import from Frame.IO (V12.1)
    • Copy & Paste markers with repeat function
    • Shortcut "N" for quickly copy last selected tool to new frame (V12.1)
    • Filter ROIs option to create ROIs with +-n frame length ROIs (V12.1)
    • History Filter allows now to use external mask as ROI (V12.1)
      This can be useful if you want to use third party created masks from a keyer
    • Dust filter improved for animation/cartoon restoration using multiple reference images (V12.1)
    • Combine external masks with internal mask in the dust filter
    • Added video field aware ROIs
      Allows to use tools only on a single video field
    • AI training sample generator
      The TrainingsSampleFilter allows to generate sampling data using 2 generations as input. This samples can be used to train our single frame defect AI model which can be used later in the DeepRestore renderer. This allows to improve the AI model with customer data.
    • Added rectangular ROI support for OFX plugins
    • Improved contrast stretching methods for better defect detection in very dark areas
    • New DeadPixel detection and removal
    • Added Clipping Filter to mask low/high lights (V12.1)
    • Improved inpainting method in scratch filter
    • Improved contrast enhancement in scratch filter (V12.1)
    • Better GUI handling for animation timeline widget (V12.1)
    • I/O configuration possible depending on video codec (V12.1)
    • Improved DeckLink video output (V12.1)
    • Added Annotation Comment (V12.1)
    • Added UMATIC dropout filter (V12.1)
    • Added Curve Mode in Distortion filter (V12.1)
  • ProjectManager
    • Added maintenance functions (V12.1)
      Like deleting orphaned data files or render cache from repository
    • Render Queues
      Special render queues like ReRenderQueue or PreprocessQueue allow simple and quick batch renderings of multiple projects.
    • Multi Export of videos and image sequences via ExportQueue
    • Apply Template
      DIAMANT restoration templates can be created easily and they can be applied to multiple projects quickly.
    • DeepRestore
      Predefined AI models can be rendered directly on a DIAMANT generation.
    • Branch and duplicate project/generation
      This allows to create alternative generations to test and compare various restoration settings.

Please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to get more information.

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