Advanced Field Processor

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Advanced Field Processor (AFP)

The Advanced Field Processor (AFP) is the newest member of the DIAMANT-FILM Restoration Suite and is being developed within the DAVID project. AFP allows you to freely edit the order and position of the fields in a video and allows to shift and interpolate fields. This allows to revert any kind of telecine and telecine errors.

The Advanced Field Processor is developed to make it easy and fast to work with video material which has been converted using common telecine methods. At the same time it is flexible enough to handle material where mistakes were made during the telecine process or uncommon telecine patterns were used.
The Advanced Field Processor incorporates many features which help the user to find out what kind of telecine was used and how to reverse it.

AFP Image

Advanced Field Analyzer

This is a library which analyses the video and tries to find useful information (e.g. Duplicate frames, progressive vs. interlaced frames, field order, cuts, pull-down patterns, etc.). That helps the user reverse the telecine. The advanced field analyzer library is built into the AFP.


Commands can be combined into macros which can then be applied repeatedly in a shot or in the whole video. This makes it possible to quickly revert different telecine patterns on the whole video. There are also predefined macros for actions which are often used.

Field Interpolation

Due to errors in the telecine process it can happen that single fields are corrupted. For this case the Advanced Field Processor can interpolate fields using different interpolation algorithms.

Interlaced Monitor Simulation

There is a special view mode for progressive monitor devices which lets you easily see if a frame is interlaced or progressive.

The AFP functionality has been included into the Diamant-Film Restoration suite also.


Advanced Field Processor Tutorial

Watch the tutorial to see how to operate the AFP.


Download AFP

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