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Restoration Project by Turkish Film and TV Institute (Mimar Sinan University)



Restoration Project by Filmoteka Narodowa


"Mania" is the result of an international cooperation between artists, from the time when silent movies crossed the national and linguistic borders. The Movie was shot in Berlin in politically turbulent times however its contents pertain to universal truths. The great artistic value of "Mania" comes from the lively narration, interesting acting and characters, as well as innovative operator's tricks, which make it a valuable relic of cinematography, among the most important silent movies. The elaborate scenery was designed by Paul Leni, later known for his direction of expressionist movies. more


Restoration Project by Filmoteca de Catalunya in Barcelona



One of the earliest movies that has been preserved is the "Semain Sainte en Espagne", a documentary film, that preserves the whole week procession from 1898! in Sevilla. The film is in a very unstable state containing fragile and brittle materials.
One of the 2008 restoration project was the restoration of this very rare and valuable material in 4k resolution. more


Common project of Filmgalerie, Filmmuseum and Filmarchive Austria, Krems-Vienna-Austria

Film title: "A Travel through Austria - Wachau"


The film "A Travel through Austria - Wachau" is a 1920 color shot.
Since early 2008, Filmgalerie in Krems, Austria is well equipped with ARRIScan, ARRILaser and 2 DIAMANT-Film Restoration suites. The involved institutions Filmmuseum (Vienna-Austria) and Filmarchive (Laxenburg-Austria) have recently presented their first results on the digital restoration process. For the beginning highly valuable and endangered films have been selected for preservation. more


FIAF Members go for DIAMANT-Film Restoration


The International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) brings together institutions dedicated to rescuing films both as cultural heritage and as historical documents.

FIAF is a collaborative association of the world's leading film archives and many of their members have chosen DIAMANT as their favourite software for digital film restoration.

Among them are:

  • EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam,
  • British Film Institute (BFI), London,
  • Filmoteca de Catalunya, Barcelona,
  • China Film Archive, Beijing, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Jugoslovenska Kinoteka, Beograd,
  • Archives Francaises du Film du Centre National de la Cinematographie (CNC),
  • Archivo Audiovisual de Venezuela Biblioteca Nacional, Caracas,
  • Scottish Screen Archive, Glasgow,
  • George Eastman House, Rochester,
  • Filmoteka Narodowa, Warszawa,
  • Filmarchive Austria, Vienna,
  • Filmmuseum Austria, Vienna,
  • Oesterreichisches Filmmuseum, Vienna,
  • Cinemateca Brasileira, Sao Paulo,
  • Korean Film Archive, Seoul,
  • Fundación Cinemateca Nacional, Venezuela, Caracas,
  • Cineteca Nazional, Italy, Rome,
  • Cineteca Nacional de Chile, Santiago de Chile,
  • UCLA, Los Angels, USA,
  • Cineteca Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Norway Film Institue, Norway
  • Turkish Film and TV Archive, Istanbul, Turkey
  • ANF, National Archive of Romania, Jilava, Romania
  • National Screen and Sound Archive, Australia
  • Vietnam Film Institute, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Bundesarchiv, Germany
  • Tokyo Lab, Tokyo, Japan


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