DIAMANT-Film Restoration Newsletter
We are happy to announce the soon availability of DIAMANT-Film Restoration Suite V10, which is our well established solution for automatic, semi-automatic and interactive film & video restoration, cleaning and repair. At IBC we will further present first time our NEW DIAMANT-Video Suite dedicated to video restoration and enhancement.
DIAMANT-Film Restoration V10
We are proud to present the new version DIAMANT-Film Suite V10 at the IBC2017 with a series of improvements.
The RestorationManager+ has been optimized and optimally supports UHD displays. Integration of interactive actions and automatic filters is enhanced (e.g.: any ROI can be attached to trackers).
The demanding problem of image deformations is solved with the enhanced DWARP filter (combination of interactive tracking points and automated correction). Many more filters have been improved such as Dust, Scratch, Regrain, StabPinhole, Repair and Noise in terms of quality and speed.
The Batch Renderer and the new RenderManager allow optimized scaling and use of computing resources. Work plans can be defined and scheduled for rendering overnight or week-ends.
New Render Workflows enable integration of our restoration solutions in third party workflows. A full featured command line interface as well as specific integration using a database controlled scheduling (e.g. in AVEROS), or the integration with the new ARRISCAN (IR Cleaner) is now part of the solution.
DIAMANT-Video Suite
The !NEW! DIAMANT-Video Suite is a completely new and dedicated product focusing on the demands and typical defects appearing in analogue and digital video, as well as on transcoding failures correction and standards conversions.
Included features are broken pulldown and field dominance correction, high quality de-interlacing, analogue and digital dropout correction, image repair functions, noise reduction, image stabilization, upscaling, framerate & standards conversions, and many more...
Our Clients
Our software is used by famous institutions on all continents around the world. Among them are well known Hollywood studios such as NBCUniversal and Paramount. But also archives and broadcasters such as Czech TV, Television Polska, Di-Factory, Cineric, Eclair, Hiventy, Imagica, Prasad, Shemaroo, FilmRestore and Immagine Ritrovata are using our products with great success.
About HS-ART Digital Service GmbH: HS-ART is a technology company based in Graz, Austria. HS-ART provides software solutions in the fields of digital media focusing on film restoration and media monitoring.
Visit www.hs-art.com for more information or email us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at
+43 316 915 998

About HS-ART

Our DIAMANT-Film Restoration software and DustBuster+ retouching application have become one of the leading high end film restoration solutions on the market.
We are happy to help you integrating restoration services into your workflow or consult you in building up a complete workflow from film scanning via restoration to printing and archiving.

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