PrimaRS Print Media Advertisement Recognition System


PrimaRS is a software solution for automatic and semiautomatic recognition of ads in print media like press and magazines. The PrimaRS suite consists of several applications which are supporting the whole media monitoring workflow for print media starting from semi-automatic clipping, fully automatic ad comparison / recognition and semi-automatic verification and quality control up to delivery of results. PrimaRS has been developed in the framework of the FP7 MediaCampaign project, funded by the European Commission.

Main Features

  • Semi automatic clipping of newspapers and magazines
  • Automatic advertisement recognition engine
    • Exact matches for the same creative
    • Visual similar creatives
    • Invariant against: color, scale, printing differences and clipping
    • Modelling of human based comparison techniques (=matching rules)
    • Scaleable approach
  • User driven comparison for non exact matches
    • Manual matching using auto suggestion (similar creatives)
    • Text based metadata search in DB
    • New creative definition
  • Flexible DB reports




AdClipper is a software for semi-automatic clipping of ads in print media like newspaper and magazines. The input for the AdClipper is a full page scan of a newspaper or magazine. AdClipper is segmenting images within the page and the user can select the ads within the page easily. The output of AdClipper is an image per ad. see live demo

Image comparison engine & DB

The image comparison engine is capable of comparing a clipped ad against a creative database. The answer of an ad search is either the existing creative or a list of similar creatives. The database also stores all the information about a creative, an issue and which ad from which issue belongs to a certain creative. So the system exactly knows the page, size and issue where an ad has appeared.



AdComparer is a software tool for manual user verification and classification of ads. The system uses the output of the automatic ad comparison engine and shows the results of that. Ambiguous results can be clarified by the user using an auto suggestion mode. This tool can also be used for quality control. see live demo

Application Areas

  • MEDIA-MONITORING: Automated identification of advertisement campaigns in print media and tv
  • DATA-MINING: Re-structurisation of unsorted image/video databases
  • CRIMINALISTIC: Identification of similar environments with different people, etc...
  • GENERAL: Identification of unknown images & videos