As restoration is only one aspect in the typical workflow of the movie industry, we have established international cooperations in order to provide complete solutions. Our partners and friends are from very different segments, researchers as well as technology- and hardware providers are among them.



Almost any Scratch operator is occasionally confronted with slightly damaged images (camera hairs, dirt, etc.), that need to be corrected before finishing the movie project. The integration of DustBuster+ straight into the CONSTRUCT and PLAYER of Scratch, provides an easy and comfortable solution for the operator. Quick-fixes can be applied immediately, without complicated import/export and file access.

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The digital restoration workflow reaches a new level of consistency. The ARRISCAN with wet-gate and/or Infrared light is able to detect and correct a good deal of defects that are on the film. Full restoration and finishing tasks are then naturally done with a DIAMANT-Film Restoration System attached to the ARRISCAN. The Restoration operator can use the defect mask from ARRISCAN to focus defect correction on those parts of the movie that suffer serious problems. After restoration the corrected and repaired movie can be put back on film by means of an ARRILASER. This new and efficient workflow is first implemented at CINECO in Amsterdam. Other user following is the Austrian Filmgalerie in Krems and the Yugoslavian Archive in Beograd. about ARRI

DVS GmbH, Hannover, Germany


DIAMANT-Film Restoration can be integrated into verious DVS products like SD/HD-boards, Clipster and Pronto2k. By using the capabilities of DVS, the workflow at the customer becomes fully integrated and consistent. about DVS


Joanneum Research

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is since 1994 active in the area of digital film restoration. Since then several projects like LIMELIGHT, FRAME and DIAMANT have been used to build up leading know-how in this field. Core parts and especially restoration algorithms used within DIAMANT-Film Restoration are from JOANNEUM RESEARCH.
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