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DustBuster+ V7.1 DEMO 64 bit

Automatic and interactive dust busting, fixed hair removal, image repair with Click&Fix including powerful cloning, interpolating and inpainting tools.
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Annotator V7.1 DEMO 64 bit

With the DIAMANT-Film Annotator you can annotate film defects like Bad Splices, Dust, Scratches, Flicker and the like with severity level and custom comment. The annotation vocabulary can be created freely. Annotation reports can be generated in XML, ODF and HTML formats. The annotation functionality has been incorporated also into DustBuster+ and RestorationManager+.
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Note that the Annotator is part of the Dustbuster+ DEMO Version

DustBuster+_X64 Windows (V7.1)
DustBuster+_X64 Mac OS X (v6.0)
DustBuster+ Manual
150 MB
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