Customers & Users

We are happy to list some of our customers who offer high quality restoration services to broadcasters, archives and film-producers. Currently we have customers in more than 40 countries coming from all continents. Please understand that we cannot give a full list of all customers.

VFI - Vietnam Film Institute


The Vietnam Film Institute originally established in 1979, has started digital film restoration with two DIAMANT-Film Restoration SUITs late 2013. Walter Plaschzug from HS-ART did the onsite training in Hanoi.
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NBC Universal - Universal Studios Digital Services, Hollywood

NBC Universal
Universal Studios Digital Services is using the DIAMANT-Film restoration software since 2011. They have got their second system late 2013 and using it mainly for 4K film restoration.

Digimage Classics / Le Lab

Digimage is using DIAMANT-Film restoration in its digital workflow since 2012.Since the initial investment the team of Digimage has been successfully working on restoration of several feature films in resolutions of 2k and 4k.

Spain/Catalunya, Filmoteca de Catalunya

The well known Filmoteca de Catalunya in Barcelona holds an important collection from the first film days. The collection is important for their stencilled and hand-painted footprints. DIAMANT-Film Restoration is used to restore this valuable collection and make it accessible in a 5 year`s project. They recently (early 2014) finished restoration of an early catalan b/w film from 1909 called Barcelona en tranvia in 6 K ( 6144x4668).
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L'Immagine Ritrovata - Film restoration laboratory, Bologna, Italy


L'Immagine Ritrovata is a highly specialised film restoration laboratory. Today, L'Immagine Ritrovata is an international point of reference in the field, due to its development of methodologies, its constant research work and the vast range of its activities in the restoration of world cinematographic heritage. Since early 2012 they are using a DIAMANT-Film Restoration SUITE.

Studio Hamburg Postproduction GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Studio Hamburg has been using DIAMANT-Film Restoration since early 2002 for a big restoration job on a German crime series for re-broadcast in TV. In 2003, Studio Hamburg got the order to restore the archive of the Saudi Aramco Oil Company. The archive consists of several 1,000 hours of material, partially uncut and unedited. DIAMANT-Film Restoration is used for the full range of digital restoration (i.e.: de-flicker, stabilisation, de-noise, dust/dirt concealment). In the meantime Studio Hamburg is in operation with three systems and is the first customer who is working with two DIAMANT-Film Restoration Systems with HD Real-time I/O Software.

OMNIMAGO GmbH, Ingelheim, Germany

OMNIMAGO (former: Wagner Taunus Film) in Ingelheim is using DIAMANT-Film Restoration as tool for digital restoration, mainly in HD resolution. Full feature restoration is done as well as correction of selected scenes, depending on the customers needs. One of the most recent important restoration was on "Frauen sind die besseren Diplomaten".

Arvato / Bertelsmann, Gütersloh, Germany

Arvato Services is a fully integrated subsidiary of Bertelsmann AG and is offering a wide range of services.

LaboCine, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

LaboCine has been the first DIAMANT-Film Restoration user in Brazil and is doing high-quality movie-restoration in HD and 2k resolution. read more

Alpha Omega Digital, Munich, Germany

Alpha Omega Digital is the follow-up company of Alpha Omega, that did the famous digital restoration of Metropolis. DIAMANT-Film Restoration has been used in this restoration for automatic spot and dirt concealement.

eyefilm, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The eyefilm filmmuseum in Amsterdam holds one of the most imporant film collections in Europe. In order to provide their film laboratories with indications about proper restoration and to restore fragments in-house, the Filmmuseum did decide for DIAMANT-Film Restoration as a digital restoration tool as early as 2001. The most recent project where DIAMANT-Film Restoration is used is the restoration of the full feature silent movie Beyond the Rocks (Sam Wood, 1922). This film was completely lost and has been found in the archives deposit in 2004.

George Eastman House, Rochester, USA

George Eastman House in Rochester owns a collection of more than 25000 titles from 1894 to present. Since early 2003 George Eastman House has an installation of DIAMANT-Film Restoration. The first film restored in house was "Tom Tight et Dum Dum", a 1903 movie from George Méliès.

Prasad Corp. - Chennai, India

Prasad Group is a major player in all services around film & tv in India. Since 2004 Prasad has been using DIAMANT-Film Restoration for provision of their high-quality restoration service. Being one of the most important DIAMANT-Film Restoration users, Prasad can offer high-end restoration in very short time.

Digital Media Center - Cyberport, HongKong

Digital Media Center (DMC) successfully started operation of the first DIAMANT-Film Restoration suite in South-East-Asia in its brandnew premises in southern HongKong. With the support of DMC, developers/providers of multimedia content such as education, entertainment, advertising and animation industries will benefit from the enhanced capabilities to deliver unique creative contents. DMC initiates the development of IT/creative industries with a range of world-class facilities and expertise to assist animators, multimedia developers and digital film and video producers.

PROPAGANDA, Warsaw, Poland

Propaganda is a small production and publishing studio located in Warsaw. The decision to buy a restoration tool was taken due to the unacceptable quality of former films and archive materials, which the company wanted to release and make available to the public. After a deep market research, Propaganda decided to choose DIAMANT-Film Restoration, because of it's efficiency, flexibility and user-friendly interface. DIAMANT-Film Restoration is used since summer 2004, as for now mainly for full digital restoration in SD resolution for DVD and TV needs.

IVC - International Video Conversions, USA

Based in Burbank, California, IVC is providing high end services on top of the digital intermediate. IVC has been in restoration business for a long time and did recently decide to expand its toolset by DIAMANT-Film Restoration. The benefit of using DIAMANT-Film Restoration is in its flexibility and open platform approach. Profiting from this, IVC has developed several tools to add restoration expertise invented in house at IVC.

PostLogic, Hollywood, USA

One of our newest customers in Hollywood is Post Logic. PostLogic is using DIAMANT-Film Restoration because of its excellent automatic filters with high detection degree by minimal artifact creation. Although PostLogic had already installations of our competing products prior to work with DIAMANT-Film Restoration they have decided to add DIAMANT-Film Restoration as it provides a different and economic way of restoration.

Eclair Studios, Epinay-sur-Seine, France

Eclair is one of the most important post houses in France. After careful evaluation of available restoration products, Eclair did decide to go with DIAMANT-Film Restoration. The first project where DIAMANT-Film Restoration has been used is "The General" (1926, Buster Keaton / Clyde Bruckman). This film has been presented at the Cannes International Film Festival (CANNES CLASSIQUES) in 2004.

Centre National de la Cinematographie, Bois d´Arcy, France

The Archive located nearby Paris decided to build up a digital restoration facility for in-house restoration of fragments and other short films. For this purposes the Archive du Cinema decided for a DIAMANT-Film Restoration installation, that permits automatic processing.

Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin, Germany

FHTW is a polytechnical school in Berlin that offers an education class for Restoration; one specific part is photographic as well as digital restoration. DIAMANT-Film Restoration is used at FHTW to educate students and provide restoration feasibility studies. In 2005 FHTW will work on a project for the Eisler society, in that students will restore real films during their education.

Zentrum f. Kunst u. Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany

The ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany holds a huge collection of artist videos from 1960´s until today. Most of the old tapes suffers from degraded quality. In a project started in 2004, ZKM aims to restore the most affected artist videos back into their orginal state. DIAMANT-Film Restoration has been chosen as primary restoration tool due to its flexibility and open interfaces.

Schnitt Armin Riegel, Wiesbaden, Germany

Schnitt Riegel is a small company in Wiesbaden Germany. The company was one of the first users of DIAMANT-Film Restoration and does mainly SD restoration and quality enhancement. Users like Schnitt Riegel prove the feasibility of DIAMANT-Film Restoration for smaller companies.

Digital Film Finland, Helsinki, Finland

Based in Helsinki, Digital Film Finland is heavily co-operating with the finish film institute. DIAMANT-Film Restoration is used to implement their service for digital film restoration, for both correction of shooting incidents as well as archive restoration.

DeLuxe Media Management, USA-Canda

The former SonicFoundry (Santa Monica, California and Toronta, Canada) has been using DIAMANT-Film Restoration since early 2002 and was the first American user. The main area of use is the elimination of splices and damaged images by the interpolate function, which provided a strong enhancement in terms of efficiency.

Digital Lab, Warsaw, Poland

Digital Lab from Warsaw has good relations to the polish film archive. As there is a wide variety of film material that would need restoration, Digital Lab has prepared a restoration process in order to help Polish national heritage to be preserved.

East Anglian Film Archive, Norwich, UK

The East Anglian Film Archive was founded in 1976 as the first regional public archive in the UK. The Archive holds moving images from 1896 to the present day, reflecting the region of East England. DIAMANT-Film Restoration is used for internal restoration as well as for education in conjunction with restoration classes organised by the East Anglian University.

Vegas Multimedia, Bologna, Italy

Vegas Multimedia is located in Bologna and is using DIAMANT-Film Restoration for preparation of DVD releases. For this purposes Vegas is using DIAMANT-Film Restoration on 3 workstations, thus being able to release a several restored movies per month.

Golden Era Productions, California, USA

Golden Era Productions based in Holywood is part of the church of Scientology. DIAMANT-Film Restoration is used to restore speeches and presentations filmed in 1950`s and suffering severe damages. DIAMANT-Film Restoration is used since July 2003, the first films have been released in September 2003.

Qualia, Athens , Greece

Qualia is an innovative SME based in Athens, Greece and using our BrandDetector application and toolset since 2009 for improvement of their services as: reputation monitorin, buzz monitoring, TV and radio search and trend spotting.
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