About HS-Art Digital

HS-ART Digital service GmbH is a technology company based in Graz, Austria. HS-ART provides software solutions for the professional market in the fields of digital film restoration and media monitoring.

We have:

  • Excellent expertise in our team
  • Close relationships to research institutions
  • Business partners all over the world
  • An office in the heart of Graz, Austria

How to visit us

By Plane

Take the Plane to Airport Graz-Thalerhof
From there, the easiest way is to take a Taxi (~20 Euro)
If you want to take the bus:
Take the Bus to "Jakominiplatz"
From Jakominiplatz, take the Tram "Nr. 3" (direction "Krenngasse") or "Nr. 6" (directon "St. Peter / Schulzentrum") to "Dietrichsteinplatz" (distance: one station)
simply walk down "Reitschulgasse", after about 200 meters you will reach Dietrichsteinplatz

By Car

Take the "A2- Südautobahn" Highway
Exit at "Graz Ost"
follow Münzgrabenstrasse until its end
turn right and your are at Dietrichsteinplatz.
look for a free parking spot... good luck !